El Manau, natural campsite- Nohèdes France

The farm

We sold de farm in december 2017, time to take a rest.....after 40 years of work.

Josiane and Alex take good care of the sheep now!

What happens from September to June?

At the beginning of September the ewes return for the high Pyrenees aft the summer-period high in the mountains, ‘L’estive’. During September they give birth and the lambs remain with us just until December. Lambing is a time of intense activity, but an amazing experience.

The ewes go out each day to eat, except when it is to cold or when there is heavy rain or snow.

The lambs remain inside to be cared for and fed. The are delighted when their mothers arrive each evening, bringing their delicious milk.

Michel cares for the ewes each day, moving as high as 1500 metres.