El Manau, natural campsite- Nohèdes France

You are visiting us for the first time?

Here are some suggestions for what you need to bring and ways to ensure your stay is more enjoyable:

  • Warm bedding, the evenings and nights can be cold
  • A tent and a bedroll, if you are not renting a yurt
  • A little table and chairs
  • Clothes suitable for summer and winter
  • Torches and batteries
  • Comfortable shoes for hiking (the terrain can be rough), some sandals for children for paddling in water
  • Bring soap and washing products for shampooing and washing up who are biodegradable (In Prades is a Bio-supermarket, the Biocoop, where you can find everything)
  • Bring sun and aftersun cream and also a product to deter mosquitoes
  • Bring chargers and batteries for mobiles and cameras
  • A rucksack
  • Maps of the area
  • If you are going to cook, don’t forget to go shopping in Prades before arriving at Nohèdes. There are no butchers, shops, bakers or banks here!

Some ideas to help all visitors to spend a really enjoyable holiday:

  • We have made a place for the fire. Please make a fire here and nowhere else. El Manau is in a nature reserve. Please have a bucket of water always close to the fire
  • Please throw cigarette ends into the dustbin and not onto the ground
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the yurts
  • Please keep the kitchen, showers and toilets clean for the people who come after you
  • Please recycle rubbish, bottles, paper, plastics, compost and left overs
  • Please be considerate after 10 pm and before 8am as there may be children sleeping
  • Please give us your mobile number so that we can contact you on the day of your arrivel.
  • We ask parents to supervise their children in the river, and take no responsibility if there is a accident.