El Manau, natural campsite- Nohèdes France


Camping (from mai to october):

  • 7€ per person per night
  • 6€ per pitch per night
  • 3 € per day per pitch for the use of the summer kitchen (gas, fridge)

Yurts (availability for 2-4 persons or 2-6 persons) :

       From mai to october

  • 20€ per person per night, sheets included
    + 5€ if for only one night. (out of season)
  • Or
    During the months of July and August : rental by the week, from saturday to saturday.
    380€ or 430€ per week/ yurt
    Sheets included

Room with kitchen (for 2 persons)

  (the bathroom nextdoor is in comun with the camping guests)

          Available all year long!

  • 50€ a night , sheets included. + 5€ if for only one night